‘Kaziukas Fair’ hosted by the Lithuanian Community in Dundalk

Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce in Ireland would like to congratulate Lithuanian Community in Dundalk for hosting the magnificent event ‘Kaziukas Fair’ on Sat the 1st March 2014.

Dundalk Fair 2                                Dundalk Fair 1

Atmosphere was terrific and we thoroughly enjoyed this event.

Good luck to Dundalk Lithuanian Community!

We look forward to your future events!


Our Mission

·         To provide encouragement, support and help for Lithuanian’s aiming to start or already having started business in Ireland.

 ·        To promote and support Lithuanian/Irish business interest

·         To highlight and promote the interests of its members to the Government, Local Authorities and other bodies in matters of common concern

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·         Develop and implement programs, including a mix of business, social events and activities, that will strengthen the business community and contribute positively to the community as a whole

·         Stimulate and facilitate interaction with other European business organizations in Ireland

·         Partner with other business organizations and chambers of commerce domestically and internationally

·         Offer the possibility to members of wider business contacts by organising educational visits in Ireland and Lithuania.


What we do?

Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland has been formed to assist businesses in Ireland & Lithuania. It is our mission to provide you with all the necessary information to start your business in Ireland or Lithuania and assist in growing your business and expanding it abroad.

We provide:

- Business consultations

- Accountant/Auditor consultations

- Assistance, preparation and business registration

- Mediation services

- Preparation and advice on various business contracts

- Assistance in launching new business or products

- Various training workshops, seminars, meetings

- Staff recruitment, management advice & training

- Business coaching

- Database of business contacts, business sales, investments and various other business opportunities