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At Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland we strive to encourage co-operation of businesses between Lithuania and Ireland. We work tirelessly to fulfil our mission and to see business growth and international relationship blossom. LCCI invites businesses to announce any business opportunities they seek or have to offer in our new “Business Opportunities” section. Your announcement on this page is offered complementary by Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland and is free of charge. We wish you success in finding a right business opportunity and we look forward to hearing about your success. Please contact us if you wish to share your success story.

Business Opportunities




OPPORTUNITY: “Ortopagalba” - The Lithuanian company which produces elastic medical products in a wide variety: from bandages for nee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, orthopaedic belts to complicated corstery for special clients. The usage of “Ortopagalba” products will provide tremendous help in preventive measures, and in treatment of various illnesses in different areas of medicine such as orthopaedy, rheumatoid diseases, and varicosis, as well as in areas of sport medicine.


Business Opportunities


 Maternity Catalogue                       Work Safety Catalogue                         Sport Catalogue                        Therapeutic Catalogue


About “Ortopagalba”

Work experience from 2000, when JSC “Ortopagalba” was established and good equipment let us produce the high quality products, which are popular not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.

“Ortopagalba” carries out activities in several directions, and:

- Has agreement with The State Patient fund, performs state orders and supplies the production to medical institutions

- Actively participates in EU projects. It helps “Ortopagalba” to renew technological baze, to create new products and improve existing products

- Commerce in the internal market. “Ortopagalba” is successfully cooperating with a network of pharmacies, sport stores, e-shops for goods of motherhood, safety equipment companies. “Ortopagalba” also sells products to individual customers

- Exports production to partners in Finland, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic

The improvement of “Ortopagalba” activities allows them to meet the need of much more partners in Europe or other countries.

In terms of new partnership, “Ortopagalba” can co-operate in various ways: sell existing production with “Ortopagalba” grand, also open to any possible suggestions for producing preferable, individual production under customer’s order, it could be Your preferable fabrics, Your type of model with Your brand, new model of support. Under exact measurements “Ortopagalba” can also produce any desirable support for particular person or persons.

Each product is accredited, certified and conforms to international standards.

The company is successfully certified by the Lithuanian Health Ministry and quality system according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008, and is in accordance with the European Directive 93/42/EEB and Lithuanian MN4:2008 standard.

“Ortopagalba” looks forward to long-term cooperation!


Contact information:

UAB “Ortopagalba” Ltd

Mituvos st. 4, LT – 50130

Kaunas, Lithuania

Phone/Fax: +370 37 206521

Mobile: +370 683 93012




OPPORTUNITY: “Biogami” - The Lithuanian company producing organic food for babies and children from 4 months, was founded in 2013. At present the company produces and sells ten kinds of Mamuko cereals. We sell our products in the biggest Lithuanian supermarkets: MAXIMA, RIMI, PRISMA,  ASSORTI and a lot of small organic shops. We are also very proud that our sales are growing month by month. The independent market research company NIELSEN gave us information that from all Lithuanian markets our cereals are among the most best selling products and we are already in the top 4 and have 9% Lithuanian porridge market. Based on Nielsen retail sales market our 3 cereals: Mamuko organic oatmeal and corn grains for children aged older than 6 months and Mamuko organic Spelta wheat, buckwheat and rice grains for children aged older than 6 months are in the best selling new products for babies category in 2013.
Business Opportunities

Biogami Pruducts Catalogue


About “Biogami”

We are confident, that success of Mamuko cereals is because our products are exclusive, the only products that are not ,,synthetic” powder, they do not melt in water – it is required to boil them for 4-5 minutes. Besides, a particular way of the grain production, which shortens the preparation time of the cereal, helps to save all the valuable nourishment of organic grains as well as natural vitamins. Doctors pediatricians rated our products in the highest level, and mothers and their babies like Mamuko very much.

We produce Mamuko cereals with particular care and love. To produce as if for our own children is the main principle of our work. It goes without saying that our greatest attention is paid to the quality of our products.

We carefully select organic raw material of the highest quality only from reliable organic farms in Lithuania and EU countries.

We constantly check all the raw materials and ready made production whether they are free of chemical additives, heavy metals, dangerous microorganisms.

We do not use any nutrition additives or conservatives during the whole production process.

 Our natural and organic products are certified by EKOARGOS, which is the official certifier of organic products. They meet all the requirements raised to the organic production of EU countries.

 Mamuko cereals are for busy but loving and attentive mothers, passionate in feeding their children with products as natural as possible.



Contact information:

UAB “Biogami”

Pylimo g. 59, LT – 01137

Vilnius, Lithuania

Company Registration No: 302712857

Company VAT Reg No: LT100006622419

Phone/Fax: +370 8 5 2122667

Mob: +370 620 51251 – Sales Director – Mrs. Aida Gudaitiene