The Chambers Of Commerce is the main “blood artery”, of today’s business world


From ancient Roman times, success in business was dependent on who you know and in which social levels are your associates. Contacts and friendship were most definite factors for prosperity and success.

From early 1599, since the first Chamber of Commerce was found in France, demand for such organisations was phenomenal. And soon such organisations started to emerge in the international markets.

Today it would be difficult to imagine business world without Local, National or International Chambers of Commerce.

Businesses, interested in entering foreign markets, reaching out to Chambers for advice, information and assistance.

Nobody can deny that Chambers Of Commerce is the main “blood artery”, of today’s business world.

Therefore with great pleasure we would like to introduce Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland – LCCI.

Our mission and goal is to develop existing commercial and cultural relations between two great nations – Lithuania and Ireland.

As we know there is a vast community of Lithuanian people living in Ireland. Lithuanian people, like Irish are known to be hard working, responsible, educated and business driven. Therefore we at LCCI believe that it’s very important for our countries to unite and seek economical and cultural welfare for our people.

With this in mind we invite you to unite our strength and energy and work together towards the better and brighter future.


Business opportunities with “Ortopagalba”

We are proud to introduce “Ortopagalba” - The Lithuanian company which produces elastic medical products in a wide variety: from bandages for nee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, orthopaedic belts to complicated corstery for special clients. The usage of “Ortopagalba” products will provide tremendous help in preventive measures, and in treatment of various illnesses in different areas of medicine such as orthopaedy, rheumatoid diseases, and varicosis, as well as in areas of sport medicine.

Business Opportunities

“Business Opportunities” page – now available!

At Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland we strive to encourage co-operation of businesses between Lithuania and Ireland. We work tirelessly to fulfil our mission and to see business growth and international relationship blossom. LCCI invites businesses to announce any business opportunities they seek or have to offer in our new “Business Opportunities” section.

Business Opportunities

Your announcement on this page is offered complementary by Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland and is free of charge. We wish you success in finding a right business opportunity and we look forward to hearing about your success. Please contact us if you wish to share your success story.